The roof goes on.  
The windows are placed. Bob and Maximino make it look easy, but these are substantial windows and are heavy.  
And the exterior doors are hung.  
By early October, all the interior walls are framed, and the rough electric and plumbing is complete.  

On October 28, drywall is in place, and the walls are ready for texture.


Outside work is continuing on the deck foundation, siding and trim.  
We are using Hardiplank lap siding to keep the look of the old house.  
By mid-November, most of the exterior trim is done, and the siding is close to completion.  
And cabinet work begins in early December, exactly 100 working days after the beginning of demolition.  
We selected french doors for the bedrooms, and raised panel doors elsewhere. All of the doors, even the exterior ones will get clear protective coats and remain unpainted.  
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