Romy & Erik Jacobson. Volcano Village, HI, September 16, 2000

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When it comes to weddings, things don't get much better than this.

Here we are on day one. The wedding party assembles on a 50' catamaran for an afternoon on the water, and the families meet one another.
wedding party
The bride and groom
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Erik surprises the bride while posing for the camera, as Tom looks on.
Three Jakes: Erik, Tom, and Matt.
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hither.jpg - 24478 BytesHither finds a spot in the shade while her husband Paul works his way around the boat. Hither and Paul were married in July, and are including this wedding as a part of their honeymoon.
Sunscreen anyone? With the courage to go where dermatologists fear to tread, Rene, Tom, and Romy prepare for an afternoon of ultraviolet radiation.
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