The Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival was a two-day event this year. Accompanied by my folk music buddies, pictured here, we absorbed it all.
  • Greg Brown with Nina Gerber
  • Dar Williams with Peter Mulvey
  • Eric Bogle with John Munro and Brent Miller
  • "Poet's Heart" Poets:
    • Luke Breit
    • Utah Phillips
    • Eric Bogle
  • The Joy:
    • Terry Garthwaite
    • Toni Brown
    • Nina Gerber
    • David Garthwaite
  • Utah Phillips
  • Mary McCaslin
  • Alisa Fineman with Kimball Hurd
  • Don Coffin
  • Faith Petric, MC
  • Peter Rowan & the Rowan Brothers
  • Greg Brown with Nina Gerber
  • Eric Bogle with John Munro and Brent Miller
  • Cris Williamson with Tret Fure
  • The Cache Valley Drifters:
    • Bill Griffin
    • Wally Barnick
    • Mike Mullins
  • Rosalie Sorrels with Bruce Barthol and Nina Gerber
  • Carolyn Hester with David Blume
  • Karen Almquist
  • The Perfect Crime:
    • Hugh Shacklett
    • John Brandeburg
    • George Inskeep
  • Utah Phillips, MC
The weather was semi-cooperative, giving us a cool-to-cold Saturday, for which I was totally unprepared, and a very pleasant Sunday.
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© 1997, John Morehead